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rejuvenation projects 


I offer a professional and standards-based approach to consulting for projects small and large.
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Havergal college ravine Rejuvenation

When Havergal College first approached us about their natural area surrounding the Lisa Hardie Trail, like many ravines in Toronto it had been colonized by invasive species and had been used previously as a coal dump. With a little research, we discovered that First Nations had camped along this brook and we felt compelled to honour that heritage.

We worked to rejuvenate the area  by retiring trees that presented an iminent hazard, and introduced hundreds of Carolinian and boreal specimens that would have co-mingled here pre-settlement.

As a result we have created an arboretum which provides a living research library for students, as well as being a haven for local fauna.

Portlands Environmental remediation

Among many consultants with different approaches we were selected to deliver a report on the status of trees on one of the Portland sites slated for redevelopment. There were a number of considerations on this project, including transplantibility of existing trees, protection of valuable trees during the development and long term sustainability beyond project completion.

To prepare this report, we employed risk assesment techniques and researched the history of the land so we could present sound reccomendations to the City to ensure this and future developments met public safety and sustainability objectives.

Horseley Hills park pathway reconstruction

Horseley Hills is a City of Toronto park in Scarborough that is undergoing some pathway improvements. We were hired as third party consultants to assess the impact of the proposed improvements on the sustainability of trees in the park.

After taking inventory of all of the trees in and adjacent to the park, and identifying those that would be affected by the resurfacing project, we  worked closely with the landscape architects to minimize negative impact. In particular, we were able to reccommend tree protection strategies to prevent root compaction and root or trunk damage during construction.

St. Andrew's Church arborist Report

Would you believe even the oldest church in Toronto needs to submit arborist report before they can apply for building permits for improving or repairing their premises?


For this project, we prepared an arborist report for St. Andrew's planned roofing upgrades. We identified the trees on the site, their potential to be harmed by the construction, and presented the City with a plan for their protection.

In addition to churches, we regularly prepare arborist reports for homes, schools, businesses and industrial sites. Please contact us for more information.


HONDURAS school program

Many regions in Central America are challenged by environmental degredation, poverty and density As a result of lack of knowledge, trees, forests and mangroves in particular are undervalued and vulnerable to plantation, aquaculture and overgrazing activities.

Developing a program with a local public school allowed me to share some of my knowledge of trees and ecosystems to those communities who need it the most. We had blast planting trees and were honoured to be featured in the ISA's quarterly publication. Check it out here!


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