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consulting services

I am pleased to provide commercial clients and homeowners with both oral and written consultation services.

My oral consultation services include a review of your tree's structure, vitality, species, ownership and legal framework. Importantly, they provide stakeholders with an objective sense of the health and stability of your tree, and possible next-steps depending on your intentions and concerns. Homeowners are free to take notes and ask questions, but no written report is included with this service. 

Written reports include the site meeting and oral consultation as detailed above, but also provide the client with a written tree report. Written reports are required for legal purposes including permitting, insurance and civil law matters, and can often assist in resolving neighbourly disputes. 

Should pruning or removal be appropriate, I am able to help homeowners anticipate pricing and provide referrals to suitable and reputable companies to perform the work.

Prices start at $300 for a two-hour oral consultation and may end up saving you a fortune in unnecessary up-sells or removals.



"I can't say enough positive things about Jose. He came to give us a quote quickly and efficiently and have us lots of advice to help minimize our costs and do things honestly. He is a true arborist, equally concerned with the tree's wellbeing as the client's. His price was excellent (really) for the work he did. He cut down out dangerous branches quickly and safely. My neighbours were equally impressed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a true gentleman and excellent arborist."
-Michelle from Toronto


"We have a large tree in our backyard that is leaning quite a bit. In the past few months, we'd lost a lot of branches, and were concerned that it was unhealthy and/or dying. We contacted Jose on a recommendation from a neighbour, and within a short time he came to visit our house and inspect the tree. I was very impressed that he didn't just flat out agree with us and recommend an expensive tree removal. Instead he explained that the tree was healthy (although admittedly not very attractive) and that because the species, brittle branches were typical. He said he could write a report to apply for tree removal from the city, but did not think it was necessary. Due to this honesty and quick, professional service, I'd definitely call him again."
-Laura from Toronto

“When we called Jose he was so helpful and clearly knew the city process inside out. He was available to give his opinion on our trees within days amd walked us through our options. He worked  with the city on our behalf and delivered what he promised. Professional and honest. Thanks Jose!"
-Nick from Toronto 

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